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Fall, winter, or spring, through fair or foul weather—the coming months are an excercise in movement and perseverance, requiring strength of body and mind. At its best, it's exhilarating, rewarded by long fast miles and intoxicating determination to continue on.

The Alpha Merino Air takes every ride to this apex.

Designed to insulate where it's needed, breathe before you sweat, and fit without flapping, every detail of Velocio's most advanced jacket is directed at a better riding experience. It's a one-piece solution that always answers yes when asked if you should ride today.

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Signature Garuntee

Velocio stands behind every garment it produces. Trying apparel is the best way to truly understand its ability, so Velocio created a guarantee that let's you test your Alpha Merino Air Jacket for 30 days - ride in it every day if you'd like - and if it doesn't improve your riding experience, return it for a full refund.