In New England, things are rarely ideal.

It’s easy to paint a rarified picture of church steeples rising out of autumn colors, covered bridges and cheerfully dilapidated barns, but the postcard-perfect days are outnumbered by bad weather, broken pavement and forgotten stretches of road that are, at best, tolerated. In a time driven by the disposable, the fleeting and the ever new, Velocio is designed in New England.

And that makes all the difference.

dirt road climb in the rain
Wooded dirt roads and variable weather - some of our most memorable rides and closest friends are born here. Photo: Chris Milliman
recon vest collar detail

There is no season more closely associated with New England than Fall. Yet it isn’t all steeples rising out of sweetly colored hillsides and river mist floating under covered bridges. Fall relentlessly shifts between summertime temperatures and the first blasts of winter. We designed a collection to meet the needs of any ride happening in our favorite shoulder season.

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Exeter Crit
The Exeter Classic, a perennial mid-week stop of NE Crit Week in July. Photo: Meg McMahon
Velocio Northeast
ted king exeter crit

Oppressive heat. Unrelenting humidity. Unexpected storms. (There are also a handful of sunny photo-ready days that demand all day rides.) New England summers save little in terms of varied conditions. We offer up the coolest jerseys, the lightest bib shorts and a collection of complimentary pieces to take advantage of every pedal stroke.

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Trail collection
Single track connects abandoned two-track and fields bordered with fieldstone. Photo: Chris Milliman
Kim quinlan

In Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, gravel racing and flow trails have subsumed what was once a sleepy county. Along stretches of New Hampshire stone walls, single track cuts through hay fields. There are trail networks from Rhode Island to the tip of Maine that merit a hard look from any committed rider. These are the places that have informed and inspired our TRAIL collection.

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designed in new england
Photo: Chris Milliman

Designed in New England

The design ethic that guides Velocio is distinctly born from this place. The purpose-built nature of every product is a New England outgrowth. The clean lines and pared back aesthetic are not only a nod to our roots, but are fundamental in the versatility and attention to detail required to excel here. Few places have weather so variable for testing, or the influence of city living so close to mountain climbs. Fewer still come with the ability to experience all of it in a single day. We take that experience and thread it into every piece we make.

lyme country store
Mid-ride stops at the local country store are quintessential New England tradition. Photo: Chris Milliman


New England cyclocross at it's best. Photo: Meg McMahon
New England Cyclocross at its best (and worst). Photo: Meg McMahon

In New England, things are rarely ideal, but little vignettes of life here can be flawless. The sweeping ribbons of pavement down Vermont’s route 125, the ocean smells washing over the tape, run-ups and barriers of Gloucester’s Grand Prix or the long light glaring across the finishing straight of the Exeter Criterium, offer points throughout the year to relish and reflect upon. No matter how oppressive life away from the bike might be, turning pedals across the Northeast is the ultimate expression of the New England motto:

'Nowhere does liberty appear in a more gracious form.'