and we're committed to finding it

Given the events in cities and communities around the country of the last 72 hours, the anger at the deeply rooted racism and police violence facing black communities, we’ve been sorting how best to respond as a small brand. The cycling and outdoor industries have mostly ignored racism, paralyzed by privilege and challenged to use it for good.

On Friday, we met (virtually) as a company and laid out ways we could improve as allies, as members of the broader cycling and outdoor communities to advocate for black riders. We’re committed to telling more stories, engaging more black cyclists in hiring and through ambassador roles and supporting organizations to ensure more hope happens in the fight against racism.

Today we’re donating $15K to the ACLU , an organization we supported in the past through our UNITY project, as well as $15K for Black Lives Matter. There is always a better way and we’re committed to finding it.

The Velocio Team
May 31, 2020