It's all in the name

Badlands. A bikepacking challenge through heat, sand, mountains, and valleys across Europe's only deserts. Nothing about the 780km, +15,000m course is easy. For 2022, Velocio // Exploro rider Cynthia Frazier and ambassadors Marion Dziwnik, Ulrich Bartholmoes, and Robert Kr├╝gel pedaled across the barren landscape, taking on the heralded and harrowing unsupported event.

Facing exhuastion and sleep deprivation, riders barely stop, hoping to finish in only a couple of days.

Done and, quite literally, dusted, riders could barely pedal another stroke. Badlands 2022 was complete. The allure and challenge of Badlands 2023 remained.


Ulrich Bartholmoes - 5th Overall

Moving time: 44h 57m

Stopped time: 4h 57m

Cynthia Frazier - 2nd Women's Overall

Moving time: 59h 0m

Stopped time: 4h 5m

Marion Dziwnik - 5th Women's Overall

Moving time: 59h 13m

Stopped time: 8h 37m

Photos: & Nils Laengner