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Women's Foundation Bib Short

5 reviews

Model Info: Megumi is 5'10" (175 cm) and 140 lbs (64 kg) wearing size Small.

Updated for 2021, featuring our new generation FlyFree bib upper, eliminating the front mesh panel resulting in our lightest Foundation Bib Short to date. Our lightweight, recycled fabric Foundation Bib Short balances compression and a unique opaque finish while maximizing value. We used the same bib straps, leg gripper and trims as found on the Signature but incorporated a simpler high-density chamois for excellent support in a slightly thinner form - ideal for shorter stints in the saddle. A perfect pick for beginners and professionals alike.

A Note on Fit and Sizing: All of our bib shorts and tights are designed to be compressive. There are many benefits of compression for cyclists, and finding the right size bib short with the optimum fit is key. For more information on how our bib shorts fit, tips on putting on and information on sizing, please click .

    • 78% Recycled nylon fabric with Extra Life Lycra: balanced compression & breathability, comfort and longevity
    • High Gauge for excellent recovery and second skin fit
    • 5-Panel design: anatomically cut, compressive and supportive to enhance performance
    • Foundation chamois, developed with Elastic Interface for excellent mid-distance comfort & support
    • FlyFree: the latest generation of our pee-break functionality without removing jersey, helmet or glasses. No more zipper, no compromises.
  • Fabric: 78% Recycled Polyamide / 22% Elastane
    Made in: Italy

  • Caring for your cycling gear properly will extend its life and maintain its performance, fit and quality. It’s important to consider these instructions carefully. While we stand behind the quality of our apparel, not adhering to these instructions will void our warranty against manufacturing & defects.

    We strongly recommend washing your new gear before wearing it. You’ll find that your apparel will soften, and fit & comfort will improve after washing - especially with bibs & shorts.

    Machine wash cool, 86°F (30°C) with like colors: Cooler temps maintain better longevity for your apparel. Like colors, especially lights, will remain more vibrant when washed with like colors.

    Use mild detergent. Do not bleach or dry clean: Strong detergents & bleach can break down the fibers and elastane in the garment, dramatically reducing its life.

    Close all fastenings: this goes also for other garments mixed in with your cycling apparel. Velcro closures or clasps can catch on stitching or trim and damage your garments.

    Lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry: Do not put your cycling apparel in the dryer. Even on low heat. Don’t do it. Heat can damage fabric, elastic and heat transfer logos very easily. Lycra (Elastane) is used throughout our garments to provide compression and support and is susceptible to damage from heat and can irreparably damage your apparel.

  • What is the inseam length of your bib shorts?
    As a general rule of thumb, all of our bib shorts are designed to be as close to the same length as possible. Different fabrics have different fits and elasticity so this is not always an exact science. As a baseline, however, our Women's bib shorts are 22cm (8.7") from the center crotch to the leg gripper in size M, with +/- 1.5cm (0.6") per size grading. Our Men's bib shorts are 25.5cm (10") in size M, with +/- 1.5cm (0.6") per size grading.

    What is the main fit difference between bib short models?
    In terms of fit, the main difference is the amount of compression each bib short offers. CONCEPT is our most compressive, followed by LUXE. We hear often that these two look quite small and take a bit of effort to get on - trust us when we say it's effort well spent. The Ultralight bibs are very high on the compression ratings as well - the new stretch woven fabric adds great compression and breathability without adding weight. Signature is what we'd call medium compression - still higher than most other brands, but not as compressive as the three mentioned above. And then Foundation is slightly less compressive than Signature.

    To see the entire line of Velocio bib shorts and see how they compare to each other, please click here to see our comparison guide.

    My bibs feel super tight when I try them on for the first time! Help?!
    All of our bibs are designed for optimal fit on the bike. When trying-on or wearing your bibs for the first time, try them on the bike (or mimicking on the bike posture) to feel an ideal approximation of fit. Different parts of the bibs will fit and feel more comfortable in the riding position vs. standing upright. Also, all of our bib shorts will “break-in” after a few rides and washes, conforming to the shape of the rider. Hence, we offer our 30-Day Signature Guarantee for a complete test. The best bibs don’t feel perfect standing in front of a mirror - the design makes pedaling better.

    Are the chamois the same in all your bib shorts?
    We’ve developed several chamois for our line that are proprietary to Velocio. These have been developed over years of testing and feedback to be the most comfortable and supportive available for any distance or type of riding. Our Signature chamois has been refined since our launch and the latest iteration is a dual-density pad, incorporating an anti-vibration super high density layer with a supportive high density layer to create all-day comfort and support. It’s available in anatomic specific versions in our LUXE, Signature, and Ultralight bib shorts. The CONCEPT bib shorts have a proprietary fully-integrated chamois. This innovative design is comprised of a multi-density padding that is attached to the short by a highly elastic liner, creating a floating pad that conforms to every movement with minimal bulk and allows for a uniquely free pedaling motion. Lastly, the Foundation bib short uses a pared back version of our Signature pad with a single high-density foam and recycled top fabric, creating a great mid-distance pad with medium support and slimmer form factor.

    To see the entire line of Velocio bib shorts and see how they compare to each other, please click here to see our comparison guide.

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Sizing Guide

Our jerseys and bib shorts are intended to be form fit, providing compressive support, maximizing performance of the fabrics, and reducing fatigue and chafing. Due to the compressive nature of the fabrics, you will be able to fit into more than one size. Please use the charts below to help determine your optimum size:

  • Find your weight along the top of the table.
  • Look down the column to find your appropriate size.
  • Each size has a height range based on weight.
  • If you find that you are on the upper or lower end of height and weight for a given size, the garment will have more or less compression respectively.
  • Use the Dimensions Details chart to futher dial in your fit.

Still unsure or need help? No problem! Email us at service@velocio.cc. Remember that every piece is backed by our Signature Guarantee.

Height & Weight Size Ranges

«« SCROLL »»

  • Size 90 - 100 lbs. 100 - 110 lbs. 110 - 120 lbs. 120 - 130 lbs. 130 - 140 lbs. 140 - 150 lbs. 150 - 160 lbs. 160 - 170 lbs. 170 - 180 lbs. 180 - 190 lbs. 190 - 200 lbs. 200 - 210 lbs. 210 - 220 lbs. 220 - 230 lbs. 230 - 240 lbs. 240 - 250 lbs.
    XXS 4'10"     5'2"                                          
    XS    5'    5'7"                                    
    S       5'1"    5'9"                              
    M             5'4"    5'10"                           
    L                5'6"    6'+                     
    XL                      5'6"    6'+               
    XXL                            5'6"    6'+      
    XXXL                                     5'6"    6'+
  • Size 41 - 45 kg 45 - 50 kg 50 - 54 kg 54 - 59 kg 59 - 64 kg 64 - 68 kg 68 - 73 kg 73 - 77 kg 77 - 82 kg 82 - 86 kg 86 - 91 kg 91 - 95 kg 95 - 100 kg 100 - 104 kg 104 - 109 kg 109 - 113 kg
    XXS 147cm     157cm                                          
    XS    152cm    170cm                                    
    S       155cm    175cm                              
    M             163cm    178cm                           
    L                168cm    183cm +                     
    XL                      168cm    183cm +               
    XXL                            168cm    183cm +      
    XXXL                                     168cm    183cm +

Dimension Details

  • Size Chest Waist Hip
    XXS 29" - 31" 22" - 24" 31.5" - 33.5"
    XS 31" - 33" 24" - 26" 33.5" - 35.5"
    S 33" - 35" 26" - 28" 35.5" - 37.5"
    M 35" - 37.5" 28" - 30.5" 37.5" - 40"
    L 37.5" - 40" 30.5" - 33" 40" - 42.5"
    XL 40" - 42.5" 33" - 35.5" 42.5" - 45.5"
    XXL 42.5" - 45" 35.5" - 38" 45.5" - 48.5"
    XXXL 45" - 47.5" 38" - 40.5" 48.5" - 51.5"
  • Size Chest Waist Hip
    XXS 74cm - 79cm 56cm - 61cm 80cm - 85cm
    XS 79cm - 84cm 61cm - 66cm 85cm - 90cm
    S 84cm - 89cm 66cm - 71cm 90cm - 95cm
    M 89cm - 95cm 71cm - 77cm 95cm - 102cm
    L 95cm - 102cm 77cm - 84cm 102cm - 108cm
    XL 102cm - 108cm 84cm - 90cm 108cm - 116cm
    XXL 108cm - 114cm 90cm - 97cm 116cm - 123cm
    XXXL 114cm - 121cm 97cm - 103cm 123cm - 131cm

Bib Short Comparison

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Use the arrows to compare the various bib short styles.

Compare the various bib short styles.

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    Natalie B.
    United States United States
    Another great Velocio bib

    Fits great and the new design is more breathable.

    • Product fit True to size
    • Size purchased Small
    United States United States
    Love these!

    I've been trying to find shorts with a chamois that isn't too bulky, but is still comfortable on rides up to 3 hours. These are perfect. The bib straps totally work for bathroom breaks and the chamois stays put so there is less chance of rubbing and saddle sores. The leg grippers are bomber so shorts don't ride up. They aren't the most flattering on me due to the wide bands, but well worth it for the fit.

    • Product fit True to size
    • Size purchased Medium
    Molly O.
    United States United States

    I have really loved these bibs and have worn them on rides upwards of 8 hours and they are very comfortable and don't shift around

    • Product fit True to size
    • Size purchased XS
    Lauren M.
    United States United States
    Potentially best bibs out there

    These are fantastic. I hesitated buying them because they're pricey for me but the price seems obvious now after using them; they are great quality and worth it for the bum and other body parts! They were super comfortable for a long trainer ride. They also look really great. I usually wear a medium in most bibs, so I ordered a M and they fit well. A little tight around my quads but nothing terrible. I definitely recommend these for every day bibs. I've only used these on the trainer so far and can't wait to wear them to ride outdoors when it's warmer.

    • Product fit True to size
    • Size purchased Medium
    Lisa G.
    United States United States
    Another quality piece of kit. File under "WORTH IT."

    I'll admit it: my eyeballs always pop out of my head and I break out into a light sweat when it hit "submit order" on some of the higher priced kit out there. Pretty good news: 90% of the time, I do get what I pay for and I recover from the sticker shock pretty quickly. Velocio qualifies as eye-popping pricing in my book, but it also lands on the tippy top of my "dang, this was WORTH IT" list. I now always reach for my Velocio bibs (and my jersey, actually) first and pray they're in the clean kit pile. The drop tail is the numero uno feature for me, it's hard to find on other bibs, and the design WORKS. Girls were involved in the design, it's obvious. Setting that obvious convenience feature aside, the bibs are well-constructed with thoughtfully-placed (designed?) seams, and there are several fabric types at work in one little pair of bibs. Every review I've ever read describes the fabric as been oddly supportive and lightly compressive despite feeling stretchy when you're just holding them in your hands. YUP. It's true. I don't know what Italian fabric sorcery is at work, but you put them on thinking "****, this is going to feel like a cheap, see-through Chinese lycra swimsuit from Amazon..." and suddenly it's like your butt and legs are getting a really good hug. Not like wedding day spanx, but like a very stealthy hug. NO see through unless you're wearing the wrong size or bending over wayyyy too far. I'm 5'10" and about 150lbs, I am between a M and L (leaning toward large in 2020...oops) and always appreciate a pair of shorts or bibs that aren't gym-bunny booty shorts. While I selfishly wish for about an extra inch or two of inseam length on the shorts (note: capris are perfect for me, don't change those you Velocio people), I can easily work with the existing bib shorts inseam. The straps are quality, have not yet stretched out and then refused to snap back into shape, which is a problem I've had with other bibs (because Tall Lady). I don't love distinct leg bands unless they're wide and don't feel like I've got rubber bands digging into my quads. The bands on this pair are...fine. Not overly skinny rubber bands, but I'd love to see a 2 inch wide band for less sausage leg potential. In fact, I'd love to see no band at all, just laser cut for ZERO chance of sausage leg (which I consider to be the visible panty line of cycling shorts). But they're pretty durn good. The chamois is nice, it's not a long haul chamois, but it's one of the better versions I own. I love that it's NOT totally overly engineered by designers who seem to be guesstimating or overthinking the nooks and crannies of ladies' undercarriages. You're not sitting on a chamois that looks like a topo map of the Canadian Rockies and praying that the mountains aren't where the valleys should be and vice versa. Anyway...I really REALLY like these, and I've been consistently pleased with the few pieces of Velocio kit I've decided to shell out for. These bibs easily replace two pairs of non-Velocio bibs. And the reason for 4 stars and not five is my selfish wish for lasercut or wider legbands and a longer inseam option.

    • Product fit True to size
    • Size purchased Large