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F/W'19 Lookbook: Fall Layers


The roads between Luster and Lom, Norway look imaginary. The narrow pavement and handpicked dirt byways roll over mossy roots and around the edges of wind weathered barns, sharp trees and wet two track, all a stones throw from fjords. This is riding at the edge of terrain, of weather, of the landscape. We launched the F/W19 Collection here because like our home in New England, it is appealing without being ideal.

We’ve updated our collection with new and redesigned styles to add versatility, performance, fit and feel.

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Adam Pulford wears the Signature Long Sleeve and Bib Shorts. Pulford, a mountain bike pro, and full-time cycling coach recently competed in the Swiss Epic.
Line Gullicksen wears the RECON Long Sleeve Jersey. The Oslo-based racer works part time in an outdoor shop to support her full-time racing career.
Wearing the RECON Long Sleeve, Vilja Larme lives in Girona, Spain where she works as a personal trainer and a buyer for a local shop.
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This year’s early fall jerseys make the most of evolution and iteration. With refined fits and fabrics, we’ve found the ideal weight for both our Signature Long Sleeve and RECON Thermal Long Sleeve to maximize the riding layers. Furthermore, these layers are designed to go alone or be mixed with pieces from our redesigned rain collection and our forthcoming Alpha System. Alone, this early winter collection is capable of taking a rider from cool fall starts to the beginning of winter. Every piece is supported by the Signature Guarantee: try it for 30 days and if your experience of riding isn’t improved, return it for a full refund.

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